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Captive Insurance Solutions

Captive insurance has been a business solution for hundreds of years. In the past mostly larger companies have utilized this solution to mitigate its financial risks and protect assets against the perils of running a business.

However, more recently smaller to midsized companies are now taking advantage of the benefits a captive insurance solution can offer. With the Internal Revenue Services newly approved increase in a companies’ premium contributions to captive insurance programs from $1.2 M to $2.2 M per year, profitable companies, with controlled risks and/ or non- traditional risks that may not be easily insured in the traditional insurance market, are utilizing captive insurance solutions to leverage their needs for both traditional and non- traditional insurance needs. Mac Advsiory Group specializes in working with businesses to help them set up and manage their own captive insurance companies so that they can reduce insurance costs and gain underwriting benefits while sheltering the bulk of their assets for unforeseen risks.